New poll reveals Joe Biden’s approval rating tanks to 31 per cent

The Megyn Kelly Show host Megyn Kelly says US President Joe Biden’s approval rating has tanked to just 31 per cent according to a new poll by Fox News.

Ms Kelly said the poll indicated the president had an approval rating of 19 per cent with Hispanic voters – a marked change from previous president’s ratings.

“The Democrats used to run roughshod when it came to the Hispanic vote, now he only has a 19 per cent approval,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“It’s not just Democrats in the centre like we saw in Minnesota saying we need fresh blood, we need somebody younger, we need somebody other than Joe Biden.”

Ms Kelly said prominent Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin and “far leftie” Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who were objecting to him.

“You’ve got over a dozen Democrats who are refusing to say that they would endorse the sitting President of the United States and head of the Democratic Party Joe Biden for a second term,” she said.

“The second term for an incumbent used to be a lay-up and it’s funny because if you look at the way Joe Biden has governed, they should love him.”