Lilia Valutyte’s final moments caught on CCTV before she was stabbed to death in Boston

Haunting footage shows a nine-year-old schoolgirl playing with her little sister in the street minutes before she was stabbed to death.

Lilia Valutyte was brutally attacked outside a café where her mum was working at around 6.20pm on July 28, The Sun reported.

CCTV shows the youngster holding a hula hoop as she runs around with her five-year-old sibling in Boston, in north east England.

Just 10 minutes later, Lilia was knifed.

Video shows police racing over to the primary school pupil in a desperate bid to save her.

Passers-by then gather at the scene before cops usher them away, according to ITV News.

A fruit picker was later arrested and charged with Lilia’s murder.

Lithuanian national Deividas Skebas kept his head low as he appeared in court on Monday.

Dressed in a grey tracksuit, the 22-year-old spoke only to confirm his name, date or birth and address.

He later appeared before Lincoln Crown Court where he was remanded in custody.

A plea and trial preparation hearing has been set for September 19.

Lilia’s mum Lina is understood to have been working just 10ft away watching her girls from a window when Skebas allegedly struck.

She was the first to rush to her daughter’s aid on the cobbled street, which is also home to legal and accountancy firms, beauticians and restaurants.

Lina, her husband and their other daughter are now in hiding over fears they too could be targeted.

A close friend told The Sun: “The family are so, so worried. They have not been able to stay at home.

“They are worried whoever did this could still be out there. They are worried they could be a target.

“It is just so awful — they have the impossible task of trying to come to terms with the loss of Lilia.

“Then they still feel they need to protect their other little daughter.”

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Originally published as Lilia Valutyte’s final moments caught on CCTV before she was stabbed to death