EFF, DA comply with the National Health Act

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said it will review the National Health Act and pandemic regulations that will be incorporated into the act after the termination of the National Disaster State.

For the first time in 750 days, South Africa is no longer in a state of disaster after President Cyril Ramaphosa officially ended the state of national disaster starting at midnight on Monday.

Ramaphosa said the National State of Disaster declaration of March 15, 2020 authorized the government to take measures that have prevented many more people from becoming seriously ill and saved countless lives.

He said going forward, the pandemic will be managed in terms of the national health law adding that the draft health regulation has been released for public comment.

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Reacting to Ramaphosa’s announcement at Monday night’s “family reunion,” the EFF said in what has been a “long series of unscientific, irrational and inconsistent applications of the lockdown regulations, Ramaphosa has finally come to a close. that the ad hoc ad-power provided by a pandemic cannot be maintained forever. ‘

The Red Berets said the pandemic “exposed to an incompetent government that is engaged in corruption, even in the face of death”.

“We must ensure that this government does not covertly turn regulations into law, which will give them the power to micro-manage the political terrain and improve their ability to conduct illegal and corrupt procurement.”

The EFF said the main focus now should be a concerted effort to build a new economy that will not be based on neoliberal political perspectives.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has opposed the proposed new Health Regulations.

The party wrote an open letter to Health Minister Joe Phaahla expressing its dissatisfaction with the National Health Act’s draft regulation on the surveillance and control of notifiable medical conditions, published in the Government Gazette for public comment.

Shadow Health Minister Michele Clarke expressed concern about the draft regulation.

“These regulations will ultimately force South Africans to undergo mandatory medical examinations, tests and treatment for certain notifiable medical conditions (” NMCs “) in case they test positive, or are simply suspected of testing positive, for an NMC (which would include Covid19. ). ”

“These regulations give you, as a minister, an uncontrolled power to instill blockades and restrictions without the obligation to receive expert advice. The regulations set out strict requirements for a self-isolating place / house, many of which are simply not an option for the normal South African, “Clarke wrote.

Clarke said the National State of Disaster has reached a point where regulations and restrictions are unreasonable and irrational, as the threat and veracity of Covid-19 have substantially decreased with the new variants.

“It does not pose a threat to the health of the country as it once did in 2020. These regulations are not informed by the latest scientific evidence or expert opinion from various experts both here in South Africa and abroad.”

Ramaphosa said some transitional arrangements will remain in effect for a period of 30 days after the end of the National State of Disaster.

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