Queensland woman attacked by koala on motorway | Video

A woman has escaped serious injury after an adorable koala attacked her by the side of the road in Queensland.

The unfortunate encounter was captured by onlookers on Thursday as the woman slowly approached the koala on a busy motor way.

In the video captioned ‘talking to a drop bear gone wrong’, the marsupial lunged at the woman as she slowly greeted the animal.

“This b***h trying to talk a f***ing koala … it’s about to f*** her day up and I’m about it,” onlookers can be heard saying.

The startled woman lost her balance, falling to the ground as the koala continued to attack her.

The video has received more than one million views, with many sharing their own aggressive encounters with koalas.

“People just have no idea how dangerous they are,” one commented.

“Koalas are no joke, they’re very territorial,” another said.

The Queensland Department of Environment and science recommends motorist to not touch a wild koala and report any injured animals.

However, if it’s safe to do so, motorists can approach the animal from behind and place a washing basket or towel over them before rescue services arrive.

“Put something heavy on top of the basket to stop the koala moving away and climbing a tree,” the Queensland Government advises.

“Ensure the koala is left in a quiet and stress free environment.”

Originally published as Queensland woman attacked by koala on motorway