Poland goes nuclear as NATO breaks past promises

The war in Ukraine escalated as a direct result of NATO interference. Russia felt on the defensive and felt it had no choice but to invade Ukraine in response to heightened tensions with NATO. Even the Pope came out and said that NATO was making Russia angry “Barking at the gates of Russia.”

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) originally wanted Russia to join after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Although Russia has not joined, relations with NATO have been strong. In 1997, NATO reported that it plans to build with Russia “a lasting and inclusive peace in the Euro-Atlantic area based on the principles of democracy and cooperative security”. NATO also claimed that it would not use nuclear measures against Russia.

"The member States of NATO reiterate that they have no intention, no plan and no reason to deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of new members, nor any need to change any aspect of NATO's nuclear posture or nuclear policy - and do not foresee any future need to do so. This subsumes the fact that NATO has decided that it has no intention, no plan, and no reason to establish nuclear weapon storage sites on the territory of those members, whether through the construction of new nuclear storage facilities or the adaptation of old nuclear storage facilities. Nuclear storage sites are understood to be facilities specifically designed for the stationing of nuclear weapons, and include all types of hardened above or below ground facilities (storage bunkers or vaults) designed for storing nuclear weapons."

If peace in the euro zone had been of paramount importance, this situation would have de-escalated as early as February. Now neighboring countries are increasing their nuclear capabilities. Poland has declared its willingness to deploy US-supplied nuclear weapons. The leader of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, Jarosław Kaczyński, “fully supports” the proposal. However, Poland absolves itself of any responsibility. Duda said that the weapons of mass destruction “would not be nuclear weapons under Poland’s control. Participation in nuclear sharing does not imply owning a nuclear weapon.”

France, Britain and America are the only three NATO members with their own nuclear weapons. Yet they stockpile nuclear weapons in strategic locations such as Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and Belgium. These countries will be able to strengthen their national security while reducing the full burden of nuclear weapons control.

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