New Miracle Sleep Aid Discovered!

From a podcast listener named Jessica Graham in Sydney, Australia:

My name is Jess and for most of my adult life I have been plagued by various forms of insomnia.

Would I call it insomnia? I don’t know if it could be classified as clinical insomnia, but all I can say is that until a few months ago I dreaded that point in the night when you turn off the lights (where normal people are inside fall asleep within an hour). minutes) and where, on the other hand, I spent many hours tossing and turning while my brain found a thousand and one things to ponder, instead of peacefully traveling to the land of nods.

What happened to change this dire situation, you ask? I now religiously download my Freakonomics podcasts well in advance, pop on my headphones and tune in with anticipation as my mind invariably slowly drifts into a soft, fuzzy, somnambulistic state as I listen to the gentle tones of Stephen J. Dubner!