NRL dominated the screens even as the numbers plummeted

Nationally, the NRL 2022 grand final had seen a million viewers decrease compared to the previous year. Still, it was the only game in town yesterday.


Like the AFL Grand Final, the final and defining game of the 2022 NRL season was a TV ratings flop. The AFL saw a sharp drop in viewership for the afternoon game 10 days ago, with the total viewership for Seven just over 3 million. Penrith’s win over Parramatta last night (his second consecutive Premiership) resulted in a drop in viewership of around 1million compared to the 2022 game, which was played in Brisbane.

Losing a million viewers will disappoint NRL and Nine. Crowds at Sydney Market also plummeted despite the city’s two biggest clubs playing in the decider.

The game was watched by just 2.36 million people nationwide, down from 3.23 million a year ago. The subway audience of 6.61 million was 600,000 fewer than the 2.2 million in 2021. The regional audience of 696,000 was about 400,000 fewer than the 1.03 million in the previous year. The Sydney audience was 837,000 last night, down from the 1.12 million who saw Penrith win a year ago.