Even a death threat can’t get Rick Scott to convict Trump

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) was asked if he was okay with Trump issuing death threats and racist attacks on Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao, and he declined to condemn Trump.

Video by Scott on CNN’s State Of The Union:

CNN’s Dana Bash asked if Scott agreed with Trump’s attacks, and he replied: “Well, I can never talk about it – respond to why someone says what they say. The way I see it, I think the President is saying that a lot of money has been spent in the last two years. We have to make sure we don’t keep giving in to the Democrats and creating incredible inflation and more and more debt. As you know, the President likes to give people nicknames. You can ask him how he got the nickname. I’m sure he has a nickname for me. Here’s what I know. We have to be careful how we spend our money. We have to stop this inflation and I do not condone violence and I hope no one else condones violence.”

Bash followed, asking about the racism: “Nicknames are one thing, but that seems racist. Is that in order? “

Scott said, “It’s never okay to be a racist. I think you always have to be careful about how you say things when you’re in public. They want to make sure you’re inclusive.”

The Republican Party wants to be elected back to power, but can’t even defend itself against a nearly 80-year-old racist who is making death threats against their top official and racist attacks on his wife.

Rick Scott refused to say Trump’s name or anything critical. He was so afraid of offending the dear leader that he would not criticize the former president by name.

Republicans under Donald Trump have grown weak, and when they come to power they will project their weakness onto the rest of the nation.