Doug Kramer is proud of daughter Scarlett’s silver medal in taekwondo

Former basketball player Doug Kramer is mighty proud of her daughter Scarlett’s recent performance in a taekwondo competition.

Kramer expressed his excitement at her daughter’s silver win on his Instagram post yesterday, October 1, sharing photos during and after the competition.

“So, so proud of our baby doll, Scarlett!” Kramer said at first.

“This is your first face-to-face taekwondo sparring tournament and you have received your well-deserved silver medal,” he added.

Kramer revealed that Scarlett initially expressed her lack of confidence and sometimes asked her if the sport was something for her.

“But every time you cried in frustration, you also came back and challenged yourself even more,” he said.

“Keep your zeal to improve and learn from your mistakes,” he advised his daughter. “But like everything in life, nothing is really easy and you have to put work into it.”

“And if you love it, it’s worth all the tears, challenges, and all the work you put into it. All because you didn’t give up. We’re all celebrating with you, Scarlett!” he said.

Kramer admitted it was tough watching her daughter fall and get hit, but he feels there is a lot to learn and he never hesitates to cheer his daughter up and remind her not to give up.

Kamer also revealed that his daughter always asked him and his wife Chesca Garcia-Kramer about self-confidence and his response was, “Scarlett, nobody can teach you that but yourself.”

“And today you showed how brave you were when you challenged a more experienced and bigger fighter in your final match. Win or learn! We’re all so proud of you!” he said.