Ukrainian territorial gains in September

Posted by JohnH on 09/02/2022 in reply to anonymous’s question: “How is the crossing of the Dnieper and the recapture of Kherson going?”

It’s a stealthy counteroffensive! Nothing in the US media… a sea change from the hitherto triumphant Ukraine is winning narrative.

But there is a lot in the Russian media: “Ukraine suffers heavy casualties in failed offensive – Moscow”

I must keep sifting and sifting to find the truth…

Here is the situation on the ground as of September 29 according to ISW (light blue shading indicates areas recaptured by Ukrainian forces since September 2):

Ukrainian forces appear to be on the verge of tying another trap around Russian forces in Lyman:

I’ll leave the readers to answer the question posed by JohnH on September 2: “How does this trap work?”

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