The Blackpink Army has conquered the Australian music charts

The strongest force on the internet? Looks like it’s the legion of tech-savvy fans of K-pop group Blackpink (sorry, Stans).

K-pop group Blackpink (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

As if we needed further proof that there’s nothing more powerful on the internet than the humble Stan.

For those who aren’t as attuned to internet culture as I am — or haven’t had an awkward Stan period of their own — the term “Stan” comes from Eminem’s song of the same name, which portrays an obsessed fan with hero-worshiping tendencies. Which seems to be an appropriate description.

Devoted fans of South Korean girl group Blackpink, who refer to themselves as Blinks — a portmanteau of black and pink — have found a way to reverse-engineer streaming platforms’ algorithms to ensure the K-pop group’s success. expected second album. And honestly, color impressed me.