Etisalat Postpaid Freedom Plans UAE [No Contract]

Etisalat brings you new exciting freedom plans and you don’t need to sign any contract. These packages are also known as Emirati Freedom 275, 450, 850 and 1600. Today I show the full details for these 4 packages with prices, internet data, roaming minutes and much more. So let’s start…

Etisalat Postpaid Freedom Plans

These plans are available to all new and existing users, as well as those Etisalat users who want to switch from prepaid to postpaid. With Emirati Freedom plans, you also enjoy the freedom to choose your own gift. Now let’s explore these 4 different packages:

plan 275

For AED 275 (excl. VAT) you get 15 GB of local internet data, 1000 free local minutes, bill discounts, buy a free smile and get 1 voucher, free Switch TV subscription and 100 hours of WiFi in the UAE. With all these amazing benefits, you get priority shipping throughout the United Arab Emirates. The best part is that you don’t have to sign a 12-month contract. You can visit the nearest Etisalat store to buy the plan or visit the official Etisalat website.

Plan 450

The price of Etisalat Freedom Plan is AED 450. Get 30GB local data for whole unlimited local free minutes, free Switch TV subscription, free Smiles purchase, free coupon and lots of discounts. It is a no contract plan and will expire automatically once the time limit is reached (30 days). You can buy Plan 450 in the nearest Etisalat store or through the official web portal.

Plan 850

As a package name, the plan’s price is AED850 with 50GB local data, unlimited local and international minutes, 2GB roaming data and more. You can order this Emirati Plan 850 in the nearest Etisalat store or in the official online store. You can also get the package through the Etisalat UAE app. It is a contract-free postpaid package, no contract is required. You are free to renew it after one month.

1600 plan

The more expensive monthly postpaid Freedom Emirati package. For the price of AED 1600/month (without a contract) you get unlimited flexi minutes for local and international use and 150 GB of data. If you want it, you can get it at the nearest Etisalat store or online web portal. In addition, there is a free switch to TV subscription, bill discounts and more.