Etisalat New Control Line Local and Flexi offers

This time it’s all about unlimited internet data and minutes. If you want a package with uninterrupted data and enough local minutes and unlimited calls to a special number. Then Etisalat has recently launched its Control Lines Local and Flexi packages. Both prepaid and postpaid customers can enjoy these offers, there are no restrictions.

What is the new line of control and how does it work?

It’s a mix of prepaid and postpaid lines, so you can use your available resources and pay off monthly bills. You can’t go over the monthly bills and resources until you get some add-ons. However, you can easily pay your bills by dialing this code * 555 # or by using the My Etisalat UAE app and the fixed amount will be deducted from your credit account. Etisalat does not automatically calculate the monthly package while using the Control Line package. If you don’t pay the bill, the service will shut down immediately.

Etisalat New control line offerings

Make full use of your spend on Etisalat network in United Arab Emirates. The new landline packages and offers offer unlimited minutes to 1 special number, more calls to other numbers and unlimited internet data per month for one low price. There are two plans/offers, New Control Line Local and New Control Line Flexi. Let me show you the complete overview of the plans with prices, activation codes and more. So let’s start…

Etisalat Control Line Local Package

No contract, only AED 80.00/month and unlimited data, 100 local minutes, 1000 minutes to 1 number with free line provisioning. The price includes VAT 5%. You can visit this official site to order one. However, you can pay the landline bill by dialing * 555 #. Make sure you have enough funds before paying the bill.

Etisalat Control Line Flexi Pack

The price for the new control line flexi package is AED 80.00 (VAT included). However, you do get unlimited internet data at 64 Kbps (and 1GB of unlimited speed). 50 flexi minutes and 1000 free minutes for 1 number in UAE only. The delivery of the package is also free. Visit this official shop to order one.