New employees at Lawson convenience stores can work remotely via avatars

AVITA Corporation, a Japanese company providing business solutions based on avatars, and Lawson Inc, which operates Lawson convenience stores across Japan, have entered into a collaboration.

Their goal is to enable potential employees to work in a new way that is not limited by factors such as “time” and “work location” or visually identifiable factors such as “age, gender or disabilities”. At the same time, Lawson hopes to offer consumers a new form of contactless customer service in their brick-and-mortar stores. Finally, by enabling remote work via avatars, Lawson is trying to alleviate labor shortages and make night shift work more palatable.

Other benefits of avatar technology include the ability for one person to work in multiple stores, implementing night-time crime prevention remotely, providing online consultation with specialists, and remote and mobile sales of local specialty products.

Because both Lawson and AVITA share the same ideal of “expanding what people can do” through service and technology, they reached an agreement in April and began testing the viability of their collaboration using Avatar technology.

As the first step in their collaboration, AVITA’s avatar customer service AVACOM will be introduced at the futuristic “Green Lawson” store, which is slated to open in Tokyo at the end of November. AVACOM is used to help customers with all sorts of problems, explain new products and provide entertainment by collaborating with VTubers, all with the aim of realizing new forms of communication.

To that end, Lawson has begun recruiting “avatar workers” for the Green Lawson Store on its official website. 10 to 30 employees are to be hired, successful applicants will start at Green Lawson at the end of November after their training.

After conducting a dry run at Green Lawson, Lawson will train 50 Lawson Avatar Operators to work in 10 Lawson offices in Tokyo and Osaka by the end of fiscal year 2023. In addition, Lawson intends to train 1,000 Lawson avatar operators to work in Lawson stores nationwide by the end of fiscal 2025.

Green Lawson Avatars: Aoi and Sorato


About the Lawson Avatar Operator application process

Application period: Until October 7, 6 p.m. (JST)

Application Procedure: Complete the application (in Japanese only) here.

selection plan

September 22: Recruitment and first round of exams began.

Beginning of October: Document review for passed first exam (second exam)

Mid-October: Practical skills and conception test (final test) for those who have passed the second test

End of October: Announcement of successful applicants (graduating candidates will be notified individually)

Early November: Attend the Lawson Avatar Operator Training Program (approx. 1 week)

Mid-November: Lawson Avatar Operator certification

Late November – mid December: Started working as a Lawson Avatar Operator at Green Lawson

job description

You will be responsible for customer service and sales promotion by remotely controlling the avatars installed in Lawson stores from your workplace* via a PC.

Salary: 1,100 – 2,000 yen per hour (salary increase based on avatar operator skills)

  • Initially, your workplace will be in Tokyo at Lawson’s headquarters, or at a location separately designated by Lawson, or in Osaka, at the International Communications Center for Persons with Disabilities, or at a location separately designated by Lawson. Travel expenses are covered.

Lawson is considering the possibility of allowing remote work from a private home or a shared office if conditions such as appropriate resources, communications environment, security, and other conditions are met.


At least 18 years old

May commute to work locations listed above

You are already registered with a LAWSON ID or you can register for a new one

Aligned with Lawson Group’s philosophy: “We make people happy in the communities in which we live together.”

Read and agree to all application guidelines written at the application link above.

For inquiries, contact the Lawson Avatar Operator Public Recruitment Office on 0120-27-3963 weekdays between 9am and 5pm (JST).

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