Trump Attorney Attempts to Shield 558 Committee 1/6 Documents: Desperation Set In

Still considered the mastermind of the “alternative electors,” Trump attorney John Eastman is still trying to keep documents out of the hands of the House Select Committee. If it seems like we’ve walked this path before, it’s because we have. We all remember July and a federal judge’s decision that an email allegedly protected by attorneys could be considered a crime. From The Hill on July 22nd:

A federal judge ordered former President Trump’s legal adviser to John Eastman, to hand over another batch of 159 documents subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 House Select Committee, including a single email he says was likely part of a criminal effort to overturn the 2020 election.

So why does Eastman think he can still withhold documents from the January 6 Committee, an appalling number of documents? He claims that the documents are protected legal work results. From Law and Crime:

Former President Donald Trump’s post-election attorney John Eastman is asking a federal judge in California to protect another 558 documents from his Chapman University email account from the Jan. 6 committee.

Eastman’s attorneys said they will produce 18 of the 576 documents requested by the committee, but they believe the remaining 558 are protected by previous orders or because they are the products of attorneys’ work.

House General Counsel Douglas Letter now has until next Monday to respond to Eastman’s argument that Carter should not allow the committee to see the 558 documents.

Well, normally a lawyer’s work product is protected, albeit at a (slightly) lower level than attorney-client privilege. Eastman’s attorney-client privilege claim has already been sprung, one of which the judge believed was evidence of a felony. This earlier finding that an attorney-client document proves a crime will likely again be the reason Eastman will not succeed in this matter.

But you sense a certain desperation in Eastman’s movement. There’s an old legal adage; “If you have the law, beat the law. When you have the facts, bang on the facts. If you don’t have the law or the facts, bang on the table.” This motion is likely to be of the ‘bang on the table’ type in hopes of slowing the process down enough for Republicans to win and try a majority to discontinue the J6 investigation.

Eastman will continue to be subject to subpoenas from the DOJ and would have to wriggle out of this issue. In other words, there probably isn’t much daylight coming through the walls approaching John Eastman, the mastermind of the alternative electoral college plan. That’s how it should be in a giant conspiracy.