Microsoft Release Work Trend Index Pulse Report

Microsoft Corporation recently released the Work Trend Index Pulse report, Hybrid Work Is Just Work. Are we doing it wrong?” in conjunction with the launch of the new Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform designed to help empower and engage employees during these tough economic times.

Employees and managers are increasingly at odds about what constitutes productivity, how to maintain autonomy while ensuring accountability, the benefits of flexibility, and the function of the office.

Closing this gap requires a new approach that recognizes work as an experience that transcends time and space so employees can stay engaged and connected no matter where they work.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft Chairman and CEO, says that successful employees will give companies a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic economic environment.

“Today we are announcing new innovations on our Microsoft Viva employee experience platform to help leaders end productivity paranoia, rebuild social capital, and rehire and re-energize their workforce,” Nadella said

To help leaders navigate the new realities of work, the Work Trend Index Pulse report points to three urgent decisions every leader should make:

1. End productivity paranoia: 87% of employees say they are productive at work, but 85% of leaders say the shift to hybrid work has made it difficult to trust their employees to be productive. Leaders need to provide clarity and alignment with organizational goals, eliminate unproductive work that doesn’t support those goals, and listen to their employees – 57% of organizations rarely, if ever, collect employee feedback.

2. Embrace that people stand up for each other: 73% of employees say they need a better reason to go to the office, beyond what the company expects – but they would be motivated to go there if they could connect with co-workers (84%) or rebuild team bonds (85%) ). Digital communication will be critical to keeping people connected in and out of the office – both employees and leaders rank communication as the #1 most important skill needed to succeed in their roles this year.

3. Retraining to recruit your employees: 55% of employees say the best way to develop their skills is to change companies. But they also say they would stay longer at their organization if it were easier to move internally (68%) or if they could benefit more from learning and development support (76%).

Microsoft is expanding its Microsoft Viva employee experience platform to help companies deliver an employee experience optimized for the way people work today to address these challenges.

Microsoft announces several new and improved features for Viva:

To streamline access to Viva and help employees start their day on the right foot, Viva Connections will bring all of Viva’s applications together in one place, and Viva’s briefing emails will provide more customized productivity suggestions so employees their work, meetings, and learning.

Read the new Work Trend Index Pulse report to find out when the new Viva features will be available.

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