No charges recommended against teen sex suspect Matt Gaetz

After a lengthy investigation into his relationship with a 17-year-old girl, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is unlikely to be charged after prosecutors ruled the witnesses were not credible enough to bring them to the jury. A final decision has not yet been made.

The case revolves around the Republican’s alleged relationship with a then-17-year-old girl and a trip in 2018 in which he took her to the Bahamas with several other women. The international trip raised questions about whether Gaetz had violated federal sex trafficking laws. The congressman has repeatedly denied those allegations, insisting he only had sex with a 17-year-old when he was the same age. The two key witnesses in the investigation included Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend and a former boyfriend of Gaetz, Joel Greenberg, whose own sex trafficking case led investigators to Gaetz. Prosecutors were investigating whether Greenberg and Gaetz both had sex with the same underage teenager.

To recap, Gaetz pal Joel Greenberg gets a nice plea on sex trafficking and fraud charges for becoming a witness against Gaetz, but Gaetz leaves because Joel Greenberg is a convicted sex trafficker and fraudster and therefore an unreliable witness.

While you’re here, the media’s common wisdom regarding investigations and Trump:

1: To say something will come of it is great for business.
2: Nothing will come of all this except trivial tax penalties etc.