Tips for maximizing your office space

Through Innovation SA on August 10, 2022 at business

It is not enough to just rent office space for your company. Instead, you need to make sure you’re making the most of your workspace. Ask yourself: ‘Am I using every corner of the space I rent?’ If not, how can you maximize the utility of your office space? There are several ways you can systematically fit multiple activities into a single cubicle or room, rather than spreading your office space across multiple feet. Systematic and careful use of your office space can therefore help you minimize rent and free up your resources for other productive activities. If you are renting an office space in Riyadh, here are some ways to make the most of it. Such strategies will help you lower your rent or maximize the productivity of your office space.

How much space do you need?

Deciding on the space you need for your business activities can be a challenge. However, keep in mind that renting a large office space may not be a wise decision. Instead, business owners should consider the nature of their activities. If your business is collaborative, a small office might be better than a larger one as communication is more effortless in the former. However, small office spaces can have privacy issues and affect employee satisfaction. Therefore, it would be best to separate the work tables with optimal gaps to restore privacy but avoid empty spaces.

Use office cubicles for meetings

Your office may have separate team meetings and need a dedicated space. Although most co-working spaces rent meeting rooms and halls for this, it would be better to use some of your office cubicles. For example, it would be best to conduct a team meeting in the manager’s booth rather than in a separate room. This way you can reduce costs and ensure that your office has a compact atmosphere. However, such practices are only appropriate for startups or small offices with limited staff.

Arrange the furniture in a systematic way

Rooms must be equipped with movable or collapsible furniture to provide maximum space for other activities. Let’s say your workspace hosts an annual event and you need ample space. You could quickly move the chairs and tables to a separate area on the day of the event to avoid running out of space. On the other hand, this saves you having to rent another place for a single day. In addition, entrepreneurs must ensure a systematic arrangement of office furniture to provide maximum space for employee mobility. For example, so that other employees can walk between rows of workstations, you need to organize your desks and chairs.

Destroy the walls

Although it’s a personal choice, breaking down barriers in an office will help you make the most of the space available. While some may think this may infringe on employee privacy or cause a lot of excitement, it’s the opposite. By demolishing walls between two rooms, you can fit more employees in that area by keeping a significant distance between their work desks. Therefore, eliminating the walls can be an advantage if you are planning to increase your office space without making a dent in your company’s pocket.

Use flat panel devices.

Long gone are the days when there were many desktop computers in the office. To help you improve accessible office space, most offices have replaced it with modern, flat screens due to technological innovations. Such facility can be found in most serviced offices in Khobar. Such an arrangement provides enough common space for employees and makes the office look cramped with devices. Therefore, replacing old models with newer ones can be an innovative way to maximize one’s office space.