Eskom publishes load shedding schedule for the weekend

Eskom has announced that it will reduce load shedding to level 4 on Saturday 24 September 2022 at 05:00.

Level 4 load shedding runs until 05:00 on Sunday. After that, it will be lowered to Level 3 by 5am Monday, with the utility saying Level 3 is likely to continue next week.

“Capacity constraints will continue throughout next week and current indications are that phase 3 load shedding will be implemented for most of the week,” Eskom said in a statement.

It added that it would release an update on Sunday afternoon or sooner if any significant changes occur.

According to Eskom, load shedding over the weekend is necessary to refill the pumped storage dams, which have been heavily used over the past week.

It also said it was facing diesel supply constraints that hampered the availability of bulk diesel at the Ankerlig and Gourikwa open-cycle gas turbine power plants.

“Should this uncertainty in diesel supply continue, higher levels of load shedding may be required,” Eskom added.

The utility said four units have been taken offline for repairs since Thursday, while three have successfully come back online.

Eskom currently has 5,839 MW of generation capacity offline for scheduled maintenance, with a further 15,745 MW unavailable due to outages.

Eskom’s announcement also saw the return of its weekly load-shedding schedules. However, the one that provided it only describes the rotational power outages through midnight on Monday.

Below is the load shedding schedule.

Load shedding schedule for September 23rd – September 26th
At your place Day start time end times Internship
September 23, 2022 Friday 00:00 24:00 5
September 24, 2022 Saturday 00:00 05:00 5
05:00 24:00 4
September 25, 2022 Sunday 00:00 05:00 4
05:00 24:00 3
September 26, 2022 Monday 00:00 24:00 3

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