Cleaver Knife: The great king of knives

If you love to cook, this one kitchen essential should be with you wherever you cook. It’s nothing but a knife. Without them, you cannot properly prepare your ingredients.

Knives are essential. You can use it to cut many kinds of things like pork, fish, bread, cakes, vegetables and fruits. You can even open cans with it. It’s so helpful in achieving the thinness and thickness you want for whatever you’re cooking.

Despite the appearance, a knife is not just a knife. Knives have different types and purposes. They depend on what purpose you are using it for. One of the most famous knives that probably everyone has seen is the Cleaver Knife.

Here are some of the takeaways you should know to learn more about this knife and its great features.

Cleaver Knife: what and for what?

A cleaving knife is similar to an ax knife. Unlike other knives, it has more blades, which makes it look bold and heavy.

As a cleaver, it is considered a cook’s best friend. It is suitable for heavy-duty kitchen work, including cutting meat and fish, and cutting hard materials such as pork or cow bones. You can also cut small or large and difficult-to-peel vegetables such as watermelon, squash, marrow, zucchini, jackfruit and more. It can even be used to flatten garlic. Whatever you want to do, a splitting knife will come in handy.

Cleaver Knife: Identify the best with its function.

To find out what is best in a specific product, you need to follow certain values ​​and elements that will guide you in choosing the best product to buy. This also applies to the choice of a splitting knife. To know if you have the best one or need to buy a new one, try to judge by the following elements:

Blade’s design

A cleaver has the classic look of a large and broad blade with a long and strong handle to grip when chopping. Today, however, cleavers can come in a variety of designs for their size, shape, and blade range.

If you are going for a more Western look for your knife, expect it to be thick. The edge of the blade can range from 13 degrees, which is considered thin, to 25 degrees, which is wide. A long one with strong power when chopping, the thinness and width of the blade can give you a one-shot cut when slicing thick meat without damaging the knife.

On the other hand, if you want a western-style cleaver, you can choose the Chinese cleaver, which is western-style.

The Chinese cleaver has a thinner blade, both the edge and the spine of the knife. In addition, the angle is narrower than the classic one. Although they share similarities, the difference in cutting action makes the Chinese one unique. Using it gives the user more control when cutting, resulting in a cleaner and more accurate cut. In addition, it is lighter, which makes it easy to manoeuvre.

That may sound wonderful, but unfortunately there is a downside to these types of knives. If you buy this one, you have to expect that it will be easily damaged, so you will have to buy a new one quickly. The damage is due to the thinner blade it’s constructed with, making it vulnerable to damage.

If you’re wondering what if you want the best feature in these two different blades? don’t worry anymore You can have these two blades fused into one. A fifteen to seventeen degree cutting edge blade provides a clean cut similar to the Chinese cleaver with the durability of the Western cleaver.

Blade weight and size

When cooking, it depends on the weight and size of the blade. You don’t want to use a giant blade for a tiny ingredient. On the other hand, you can’t carve up huge meat with a small and light blade. Both should be the perfect weight and size for whatever cooking task you’re doing.

A long blade can also be heavier. Like a cleaver with an 8 inch blade, it can weigh up to 2.0 pounds. On the contrary, if your blade is 6 inches long, it could be around 10 ounces. Using the longer and heavier blade can tire quickly and be less accurate. The shorter but lighter blade can also be an issue as you need extra effort to use it.

To have a perfect cleaver, the weight should be around 1 pound. Heavy enough to give you an accurate and clean cut without much effort.

For the size of the blade, the ideal should be between 7 and 8 inches with a height of 3.2 inches.

The combination of the right weight and size when choosing a knife should be perfect to get the job done efficiently without getting in the way.

cutting edge of the blade

In addition to the simple silver look of a knife, manufacturers sometimes add additional details to their blades. These designs may vary, giving the knife a unique look.

It takes a lot of effort to use a hatchet, especially when cutting thick and hard meat. The bones and cartilage can make life difficult for you, so you should have a hatchet with a durable edge that can withstand the impact of butchering.

Invest in a steel cleaver as it can withstand a hardness between 54 and 58 on the Rockwell scale. Also, a V-shape or flat design cleaver can withstand any chopping, butchering, or slashing you do.

But remember, if you don’t take care of your blade, it’s all useless. Even if you choose a blade that is not brittle, durable, and made of steel, it will become damaged if you don’t take proper care of the blades.

Blade’s balance

You have to keep in mind that Cleaver’s blades are heavier than his hilt. So of course if you drop it, the blade always comes first. This is because gravity pulls the heavier part down more than the lighter part.

If your blade is like that, that’s a good sign, but if there are too many, it’s likely to result in a loss of cutting accuracy. Therefore, it is better to have a blade with a perfect weight that you can easily and accurately control.

handle of the blade

This section is often overlooked. Sometimes they focus on the blade and forget about the hilt, which is a mistake. When choosing your splitting knife, make sure that the handle fits comfortably in your hand and perfectly matches the material of your knife.

Some manufacturers have added ergonomic features to their grips, while others have opted for the classic straight design. Whatever you choose, make sure the length fits your hands perfectly. Otherwise, choose a grip made of a material that doesn’t slip easily. You don’t want to use it and suddenly lose your grip while swinging.

The end

Choosing your perfect splitting knife is not easy. You need to make reflections on each element. But with this guide, you will surely choose the perfect one for you. The splitting knife helps you cut quickly in one go.