CrossFit group in Brazil mistaken for robbers as customer flees in fear

The moment a stampede of panicked customers fled a bar in northern Brazil was caught by the restaurant’s security cameras, but all is not as it seems.

Customers at the Cervejaria Alphaiate bar and restaurant were enjoying their meal outside around 9pm on Saturday night when they were frightened and forced to flee their tables after a group of people ran straight towards them.

Guests at the brewery quickly rose from their seats after noticing the group was approaching them and ran the other way, overturning tables and chairs.

The restaurant waiter can also be seen in the footage looking confused and finally taking off after the onslaught of customers, allegedly because the group were believed to be thieves trying to rob the restaurant.

The CCTV footage was uploaded to WhatsApp and then Twitter on Wednesday and quickly went viral, with the original video being viewed by over 3.3 million people.

In the video, a woman is first seen walking down the footpath, past the restaurant’s outdoor seating, followed by a man with a dog, prompting another woman to get up from her table and those with her sit down, asking them to get up and walk as well.

As the woman and her friends fled the table, the other patrons of the bar anxiously followed, dragging others with them, leaving some belongings behind, and within seconds the restaurant was almost empty.

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The restaurant’s waiter can also be seen running after becoming confused by the situation when the last of the diners tripped over chairs on their way out.

A dedicated bar patron falls from his chair into the gutter next to a car in a hurry, but refuses to let go or drop his beer in a panic.

In the final seconds of the video, a group of five men who appear to be wearing hats and workout clothes jog past the scene.

It has since been revealed that the group that approached the restaurant and startled customers was allegedly a CrossFit exercise group and not thieves trying to rob customers and the bar.

“Then they said it was CrossFit,” doctor Amyr Kelner, who was reportedly at the restaurant at the time, said, according to local media.

“It happened very quickly. People came slowly and as they approached our table they started running. I told my girlfriend to call and hold her bag. She got up and at that moment someone yelled that it was a robbery. That’s when I got up, screamed that it was a robber too and ran away,” he told local media source G1.

“After a few minutes we saw that nothing happened. Everyone started laughing and went back to the tables as if nothing had happened.

“When I got up, I put my phone and wallet in my pocket. There were people who thought I was pulling a gun. There’s something about living in a city as unsafe as ours.

“Thank god I’ve never been robbed, nor have I experienced anything like this, but you’re in an extremely dangerous city and you see three people running towards you.”

In a statement to local media, the restaurant said the confusion was “nothing more than a misunderstanding”.

Originally posted as a CrossFit group mistaken for robbers in Brazil as customers flee in fear