The six-day work week, Russian and Hong Kong PR people in the UAE

I feel for everyone who works in the service industry. Ever since the UAE switched from a Sunday-Thursday week to Monday-Friday, I feel like those working in the service industry have had to figure out how to serve both local/global and regional customers. For many, the answer was simple: agencies must create rosters for the six days, Sunday through Friday.

I don’t know how sustainable that is. Dubai is the hub for the region’s creative agencies, many of which have no offices outside the emirate. Will customers in the Middle East consider the change in working week? Or will agencies look to open offices (or relocate/hire staff) in countries that still follow the Sunday-Thursday routine?

For those working with clients across the region, I’m curious to know how you go about this. Is there anything that can be done to ease the workload and/or restore work-life balance? Or has the change in the working week in the UAE not had an impact?

Another observation in recent months is the number of Russians and Hong Kongers moving to the UAE, particularly in the communications sector. More talent is always good; Let’s hope that our newcomers will settle down in the region and get to know their cultures and languages.

I always look forward to your views. Please share them in the comment section below.

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