Voice ‘divisive’ – Alice Springs News


It’s time to restore integrity to education. It suits some when they long for an audience that believes in the destruction of history to prepare children for activism rather than knowledge.

The syllabus encourages embellishment with disregard for facts. There is support for internationalism rather than Australian sovereignty.

I don’t want to leave my country so easily to the theories of people like you.

The Voice policies some are pushing are divisive and an attempt to enshrine racial segregation in our constitution.

I’m not the racist of these sites, I’m the ones who have theories about how to rewrite history, which of course can’t and shouldn’t be pursued.

Australians are one people, one flag, one vote. Beware of impersonators and those promoting race-based government.

Immigration is what made Australia great, and these wonderful post-war migrants are a testament to our success as a democracy.

As Jacinta Price, Indigenous Senator [from Alice Springs] says: “Indigenous Australians have their own voices, they are numerous and diverse and you should start listening to them.”

Marilyn QuirkHeybridge, Tasmania.

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