Nadine’s home: renovation of the family room

Feels crazy to say this but it took 1 year to complete this project and photograph it… And there is one more rug that could have been added to this room. However, I have accepted that this is the world we live in – delays, availability issues, custom furniture issues, COVID restrictions/schedule in general, etc. It’s all taking time now!

But I’m glad that I can finally show you a project this year.

This family room was actually inspired by another project makeover. Nadine saw Theresa’s Home on my blog and told me that she hopes her home could look and feel like this too. She basically wanted lighter, lighter shades and not a lot of warm tones.

For Theresa’s project, I added some traditional elements to reflect her style. Nadine also wanted that in accordance with her own style. She also wanted a minimalist look, but her existing furniture made the space feel way too heavy and dark. So we took a few pieces from the room, brightened it up by tweaking some of her existing furniture, added some lighter blues and grays, brought in functional furniture (especially for her son’s play station) and then added soft lighting.

They were small but very strategic changes. Here’s how it all turned out…



Family room renovation

Family room renovation

Sideboard with mirror

couch and floor lamp

Family room renovation with couch and floor lamp

Couch in front of the window

Family room renovation

The two tall bookshelves that came as a set with the media unit have been removed from the room, as has Nadine’s son’s gaming table/breakfast table. The gaming table has been replaced with a smaller and more manageable desk.

Luckily we had 2 great sofas to work with and found a matching armchair in another room. Two of these pieces were reupholstered in a lighter fabric and we then added some color to the curtains, cushions and accessories. The smaller, warm-toned rug was replaced with a much-needed larger rug, and we brought in a sideboard for storage and entertaining.

Family room renovation

Family room renovation

Family room renovation

Family room renovation

My favorite part of this room is definitely the symmetrical family photos on the back wall. I just love how your gaze falls straight on her when you walk into the room.

Family room renovation

Family room renovationFamily room renovation

Family room renovation

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how this space has transformed!

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