List of places in Jeddah for mom reunions

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In this post: Here are the best places in Jeddah to meet your mom friends – all the fun family-friendly spots for outdoor activities and coffee mornings!


If you’ve lived in Jeddah for any length of time and are a woman (Mom!) looking to hang out with your friends and possibly have kids in tow, I’m pretty sure at some point you’ve been wondering where is the best place to meet! I mean, what can you do with your friends, right?

Where can you go outside with friends and have carefree fun and come home and think, ‘ Oh I have to try that again!“It’s hard going anywhere with kids, to be honest. I know.

Well… I have a few ideas!

Where is the best place to meet up with friends in Jeddah?

Depending on how much time you want to spend outdoors and where in Jeddah you live, there are actually a few options.

For a quick “hello-hi-see-ya-later” meetup, adults only, a coffee or breakfast spot would be nice. If you have kids with you, a theme park might be better, knowing it’s easier for moms to catch up while the kids are playing (and making new friends, too!).

If you want some relaxation, a park or the Corniche would be a better choice. You can host hikers, bikers, or even picnics!

Maybe you need a shopper buddy… because hey, we all love shopping! (Say it with me: Jeddawis love shopping!!!)

Shopping centers are ideal for shopping lovers. Especially the malls that have a supervised play area where you can just drop the kids off and go!

List of places for outdoor activities in Jeddah for moms

Looking for a getaway? Then definitely one IstriaResort or a chalet somewhere nearby that you can rent for the day!

Now let me give you a starting list. Please note that although I am listing locations, this list is just an example. If you want an up to date list of the best places join my email list! We have a whole community for you!

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Meeting Points for Coffee/Breakfast Meetings in Jeddah:

These places are great for quick meetups, but I just want you to know that I’ll only write about places I’ve tried and loved. There are many more places… just explore!

  1. Starbucks
  2. Tim Hortons
  3. IKEA
  4. Sara’s Ladies Cafe
  5. Paul’s
  6. diving and diving
  7. barn coffee
  8. Paul’s
  9. Nestle toll booth.
  10. warning coffee
  11. coffee bean and tea leaf
  12. beer 92
Sultan Pembe Kosebasi Restaurant WordsnNeedles Food Review

Places in Jeddah to have lunch or dinner with family

Any place that is kid friendly is your place! What can I say ?! Out of MC Donalds to I’m hungry to apple bees and chillies. Dosa’s or Kababs, Chinese or Turkish – we have plenty to choose from in Jeddah!

There isn’t a place that isn’t worth checking out folks! Try them all! Of course it can be difficult for “wild tots” in some places. You know what I mean…? (But we all know kids learn when given the opportunity! ::Mom Advice: 🙂

  1. Fogo de Chao
  2. court
  3. IKEA
  4. apple bees
  5. chillies
  6. Pizza Hut
  7. kosebasi

Amusement parks in Jeddah:

Theme parks require you to spend money, but the good thing is that the kids actually leave you alone to chat with your girls.

In the past when I had babies, theme parks were my least favorite places to meet mommy friends because I was busy getting to the rides but with kids who are a bit independent and can manage themselves Theme parks might actually be that great! You can let the kids play and romp while you sit in a corner and have coffee with your friends.

  1. Kidzania
  2. Billy Bees
  3. Sand Castle (??!) (This place in Flamingo Mall, food court)
  4. snowy forest
  5. Sparky’s
  6. Shallal Park
  7. Fakieh Aquarium
  8. Atalla Happy Land
  9. sky zone
  10. water village
  11. Oct
  12. iceland
  13. moon toon

Walks/Picnics/Parks in Jeddah:

jeddahMom over page

As I mentioned before, these places are great for keeping the kids occupied while also getting some fresh air. You can walk, picnic, bike, skate… or just sit in one place!

  1. Rehab way, rehab
  2. tihama park,
  3. Elegant Gardens, Sharafiyyah
  4. Fayha Park
  5. In Tahlia Park
  6. New Corniche Walkway and Bridge

Preferably Corniche for meetings:

Girls, we have the longest corniche in the world. North to South !! What can I tell you?! Just hop in the car and explore. You will not be disappointed!

  1. South Jeddah Corniche
  2. Saif Beach
  3. Opposite the seaport
  4. Near the Amanah Building (Hail Street)
  5. The fountain
  6. New Corniche
  7. Obhur
  8. Dhaban marine park

Istria / Resorts / Chalets

These places are not only suitable for family-friendly meetings, but also for stays! I’m not going to list places because well…these can be expensive and well…

However, here is my advice on booking such places:

Always look for recommendations. If you know someone who has been somewhere ask them how it was and how much it cost and all the details because sometimes places that are word of mouth are better than places you visit out of the blue.

However, there are many fantastic hotels and resorts as well as private villas and Istria in and around Jeddah.

As you can see, I’m not recommending any here… but you’re welcome to join our communities and discuss this with my mommy friends!


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What have I missed? Was this list of places for family-friendly outdoor activities and mom reunions helpful? What do you want to add to that? Tell me in the comments!

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