The Catholic Culture Podcast: 143 – The Sacrament of Church Architecture

September 19, 2022

“Architecture is the built form of ideas, and church architecture is the built form of theology.”

Denis McNamara joins the show to give a crash course in the underlying principles of Catholic church architecture and to make the case for classical architecture as the method that should be employed by today’s religious architects.

McNamara is an associate professor and executive director of the Center for Beauty and Culture at Benedictine College, an architectural consultant, and the author of several architecture books.

Topics include:

  • The Biblical Vision of Church Architecture
  • The church building as part of the liturgical rite
  • The church building as a “sacrament” of the glorified, mystical body of Christ and vision of the heavenly Jerusalem
  • The meaning of the temple
  • How liturgical art conveys glorified realities
  • How classic architecture makes the invisible forces of nature visible
  • The difference between liturgical and devotional images


Catholic Church Architecture and the Spirit of the Liturgy

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Benedictine College Beauty and Culture Center

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