Special Master demands proof from Trump that FBI planted evidence

The special master Trump wanted is now demanding evidence the FBI planted evidence at Mar-a-Lago.

NBC News reported:

In a filing filed Thursday, senior U.S. District Judge Raymond J. Dearie of New York, the court-appointed special counsel, directed the government to turn over copies of all unclassified items seized in the case to Trump’s attorneys by Monday .

He then ordered Trump’s team to issue a “statement or affidavit” of all items in the inventory removed from Mar-a-Lago that the “plaintiff claims not to have been confiscated from the premises,” i.e. items removed from were taken there by someone else .

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Trump and his attorneys made a huge mistake in requesting the special master and listing Judge Dearie as one of their options.

Dearie doesn’t take any of Trump’s nonsense. He has already shot down the idea that the documents were magically declassified by Trump with no paper trail to confirm the declassifications.

Trump already lost in the 11th circuit trying to stop the DOJ from using classified documents in its criminal investigation, so Dearie can only continue to be a negative for the former president’s defense.

Donald Trump thought he was buying time with the special master. Instead, he could be closer to an indictment.