Manhunt underway after woman’s body found in two suitcases in Brooklyn

Investigators believe the body of a 22-year-old woman was found in two suitcases in an apartment in Cypress Hills in Brooklyn, New York.

Residents of the building reported a foul odor and told security the woman had not been seen for several days.

A security guard went to her sixth-floor apartment and tried to break in, but was stopped by the woman’s 23-year-old boyfriend, who allegedly sometimes stayed at the apartment.

The body of a woman was found inside two suitcases in a Brooklyn home. (WABC)

The guard went back downstairs to call the police and saw the friend and another man slip away with what they suspected to be an evidence bag.

Then the guard went back upstairs to the apartment and discovered the two suitcases with the remains of the woman in a bloody bathroom. He also found a meat cleaver in the apartment.

The woman had a valid protection order against her boyfriend through the end of the month.

Investigators are now actively searching for the friend. He has violated the Protection Act in the past by showing up unannounced at her apartment.

The remains of the woman were found in a blood-smeared unit after a social check.
The remains of the woman were found in a blood-smeared unit after a social check. (included)

Local residents told police the couple had a history of falling out.

Other residents expressed shock and disbelief at the gruesome discovery.

“This neighborhood isn’t the best neighborhood to be honest, but this is outrageous. Absolutely outrageous,” said neighbor Lindsey Vena.

“It scares me to even be around here. I’m just sick.”

“It’s scary. I live here with my family and it’s just crazy knowing someone would do something like that where you put your head down at night,” another resident told Eyewitness News.

The coroner determined the cause of death.

The investigation remains active and ongoing.