Russian anti-war protests & the 3rd generation

After much discussion from both sides of the Ukraine conflict, I believe my observation of a generational shift is important. The cycle is always driven by a cyclical nature, driven in part by changes in attitude between generations. The anti-war protests in Russia, rising from the youth over the war movement in Russia, are unfolding because the protesting youth have never known war. You are too young, too young even, to have known about the 1989 invasion of Afghanistan, 33 years ago. This is in contrast to Americans, who have known nothing but endless wars, one after the other. I have a family that fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. Most of us at least knew someone who fought there. War has become a normal occurrence for Americans, although many have disagreed with this policy of endless wars, including Donald Trump.

The problem with Russia is that war is always created by the political class. It is this older generation that always sees war as an option and they are now in control of most western countries. Adding to that serious face is that this is war YES, REALLY driven to defeat Russia over climate change. The World Economic Forum is pushing the war behind the scenes with the excuse that Russia must be defeated to end its fossil fuel production and bring about Schwab’s new age of dictatorship to save the planet, our task of freedom and dependence on fossil fuels requires.

The words of wisdom behind the cycles could in part refer to the Chinese proverb 富不过三代? Roughly translated it means “You can only keep wealth in the family for three generations.” What it turns out is that the third generation typically seems to experience apathy. The second generation often clashes with the first not trying to follow in the same footsteps, and hence any business they started will be in of the third generation usually collapse unless it is sold and becomes a public company.That is the fate of most corporations, but also the fate of political ideas.

Those above who hold the reins of power over us mortal peons always know better. Both Bill Clinton and Obama were tough on illegal immigrants. Obama has even deported more illegal immigrants than Trump. Something has changed and Biden is just reading the cue cards so the change in direction to climate fanatic wasn’t his personal initiative, but he’s doing as he’s told. Whenever he blurts out outrageous things, the White House enlightens and desperately tries to whitewash his statements.

That was what happened with Russia and it’s more about climate change than anything else. The hope is to defeat Russia, subjugate its people and bring them into the new world order of controlled poverty, because about 50% of the Russian people will be on welfare when mining for natural resources ends. Putin understands the game and his words are not heard by youth who do not know war. To them, they don’t understand the agenda.

This war was provoked to ensure that Putin would take the bait and invade Ukraine. The day before his invasion on February 24, 2022, Zelenskyy stood up and said he was breaking all previous neutrality agreements and that Ukraine would arm itself with nuclear weapons against Russia. The US invades Iraq claiming it has “weapons of mass destruction” and has deliberately pushed Putin to invade so they can claim he is the aggressor.

In 2014 and after the overthrow of Yanukovych, the West installed its “interim government”, which was NOT ELECTED, and immediately sent the army to attack Donbass. McCain promised the Ukrainian neo-Nazis funding to wage war against Russia once Trump was elected in December 1996. When Trump refused to fund McCain’s endless wars against Russia, Trump became his hated enemy, and his legendary attitude of holding grudges was carried to his grave, insisting that Trump not speak or attend his funeral . He was the worst person I’ve ever met on Capitol Hill.

McCain urged Obama to invade Syria to push through a gas pipeline to Europe to undermine Russia. It was McCain who wanted nuclear weapons in Checkosovakia and pointed to Russia against the will of the people. He spent his entire life playing grudges against Russia, and it began long before Putin even came to power. He was the leader of the neocon pack.

There are neoconservatives and Hillary was one of them. They cannot sleep at night without dreaming about how to destroy Russia and China. This is the hateful generation of leaders who will lead the world to war. Peace will only come when they finally disappear from this world and then the third generation starts over.

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