Banksy tribute to the British Health Service on display at the hospital

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A new artwork by Banksy honoring Britain’s health service has been on display at a hospital, paying tribute to medics battling the coronavirus pandemic in the second-hardest-hit country.

The street artist also posted an image of the work to Instagram, showing a boy in dungarees playing with a figurine of a nurse in a superhero cape.

The only splash of color in the artwork, titled “Game Changer,” is the red cross on the nurse’s uniform, while discarded Superman and Batman figures lie in a basket next to the boy.

“Thank you for everything you do. I hope this brightens up the place a bit, even if it’s just black and white,” the enigmatic artist said in a note for hospital workers.

The one square meter panel, which is hung on a corridor wall at a hospital in Southampton in southern England, will be on public display when lockdown measures are lifted, a Banksy spokeswoman said.

It will later be auctioned off to raise money for charities linked to the country’s National Health Service (NHS). Other pieces by the mysterious artist have previously fetched millions of dollars.

The UK’s official COVID-19 death toll this week surpassed Italy’s with more than 32,000 deaths – second only to the United States. (AFP)