Pule Mabe tells how as Treasurer General he would turn ANC finances around

“You could have those who are elected full-time as MPs, as is the case with other political parties, and have time to do the work of the organization full-time. Since the single biggest cost of the ANC is human capital, this means that your biggest cost when dealing with this issue will actually be your election campaign.

The party must also take care of its internal finances by rationalizing its staffing.

According to Mabe, the party could dispense with hiring a personal assistant for each chief executive and instead have all current PAs under a single roof to oversee the entire organization through a common service.

“You see, if you haven’t cut back, you’ve rationalized. You have ensured that you retain the resources you now have to service the entire organization. Administrators are no longer tied to a person or role, but to a function. So start reducing what you can pay out.”

Mabe has suggested the party change its constitution to allow for either two general treasurers or one deputy. One would focus on raising funds while the other focuses on politics and oversight.

“It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a full-time or part-time position. The largest is the work related to the post of Treasurer General, [which] is huge. In fact, I believe that [the ANC should] Create two general treasurers or one general treasurer [and] an assistant TG – one responsible for policy and oversight, and another responsible for fundraising and operations. THEIn its current form, the TG must fulfill all of these functions.”