Wow! DJ Zinhle snubs ex-BFF Pearl Thusi in public (video)

Wow! DJ Zinhle snubs ex-BFF Pearl Thusi in public (Video)

Iyoh! DJ Zinhle has changed a lot since she became Mrs Black Motion! Or maybe she’s just showing her true colors and sadly even her friends or should we say ex-boyfriends aren’t spared from her awful attitude.

Her attitude problems have gotten so bad that she had to publicly give Pearl Thusi the cold shoulder last Wednesday (September 21). Poor Pearl ran to her former girlfriend for a hug at Montana The Club in Rosebank only to be ignored.

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Let’s start from scratch, so the two media personalities are trending on social media after following a clip of the couple at Montana The Club celebrating Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena’s birthday.

The short video, which appears to show DJ Zinhle giving Pearl Thusi the cold shoulder, has reignited debate about the two pals’ once deep and much-publicized friendship.

A cheerful Pearl Thusi approaches the Umlilo DJ while doing what she does best behind the decks. While Zinhle ignores Pearl and begins speaking to the man next to her, she forces the actress to return to the crowd.

To make matters worse, she just looks at Pearl and continues as if no one is standing next to her. Realizing the attitude she was being given, the actress became a shadow of herself and returned to the dance floor. Watch the video below:

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Her fans have since reacted to the visible cracks in her friends. You’ll recall that Pearl Thusi went to great lengths to pretend they were still best friends. But with this video making the rounds on social media, we don’t think she can pretend any longer. Check out their fans’ reactions below: