Shaun King Nonprofit Presenting at The Daily Beast

Shaun King is like spam: The obvious is exactly why it works for most people for most people. It selects the ignorant and vulnerable and Sen. Cory Booker and becomes invisible to everyone else. The Daily Beast has nevertheless closed a year-long investigation into one of his “shady” projects — one of many things he’s done to raise money that evaporates before it accomplishes anything substantial.

Tax documents show the organization raised more than $6.67 million in its first year of existence, a period that coincided with the largest anti-racial justice protests in the country’s history. Additionally, Federal Election Commission records show that two political action committees linked to the controversial activist have poured nearly half a million dollars into the organization.

The largest single expenditure the Grassroots Law Project made in its first year was $2,654,434, which it said was used only “to bridge the gap between grassroots organization and legal expertise to reform the American justice system.”

After years of knocking from one gasp to another, the murder of George Floyd hit the jackpot.