Five places to get student discounts in South Africa

One of the biggest perks of being a student is student discounts. There are many establishments in South Africa that offer student discounts including all of mobile apps to local retailers and restaurants.

Why are local businesses offering these exclusive deals to students? Now, with students collapsing under the pressure of the financial strain, many local businesses have made it a point to help South Africa’s youth ease their already tight budgets.

From scouring store shelves to cheap campus food, there’s nothing here for students habit do to save money. However, this urgent need to be frugal is not just about financial savvy, it comes at the expense of being a student.

Between tuition, housing, books, stationery, food, and entertainment, students struggle to keep up.

Luckily there are companies in South Africa who have recognized this as an urgent problem.

Here are the top five places to get student discounts and deals in South Africa:

1. Uni atmosphere

This proudly South African mobile app offers deals on everything from clothing, food and technology to lifestyle and entertainment.

The app is free for all students and available on Google Play and Apple iStore. All you need to register is a valid student ID. However, standard bank account holders between the ages of 16 and 25 have the benefit of getting premium access to all of the app’s features.

students without An annual fee of R200 must be paid for a standard bank account in order to enjoy all the benefits of the app.


This global app gives students instant access to offers in South Africa. The app is available to all enrolled students with a valid email address or student ID and can be used completely free of charge.

Once students sign up, they get access to multiple offers and deals across a range of categories including Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, Technology and Fashion.

There is a website, but UNiDAYS suggests that students prefer to download the app, which can be found on both Google Play and the iStore.

3. The entertainer

While not just geared towards students, The Entertainer offers 2-for-1 deals in major South African cities such as Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

To get premium access to all offerings, you must either pay an annual fee of R349 or sign up to your FNB account for free.

FNB account holders can sign up to The Entertainer by following these steps:

  1. Login to the FNB app.
  2. Select the eBucks tab, then Partnerships > Entertainers.
  3. Tap on “Register”.
  4. Follow the instructions.
  5. Enter your details and submit.


Popular audio streaming service Spotify is offering a special package that gives students three months of premium access – absolutely free. After that, students have to pay a fee of R29.99 per month.

Every individual applying for this package is checked and verified by a third party to ensure that only this is guaranteed students benefit from this deal.

The Spotify student package includes the following:

  • Ad-free music.
  • Offline listening (no data required).
  • High quality sound.

5. FundiConnect

FundiConnect is a central resource for all topics related to education, finance, careers and learning. In addition to useful study tips and career advice, students can also gain access to online retailers offering a variety of exclusive deals.

The first is a clothing store called CODE. This local brand specializes in menswear at affordable prices and is currently running a special offer on t-shirts and hoodies.

Next is the Van Schaik Store, which offers its own rewards program specifically for South African students. At the Van Schaik Store, students can find special offers on books, stationery, electronics or even medical equipment.

To access these offers, students must join the rewards program, which runs directly through the store’s mobile app.

Visit for more information. You can also follow FundiConnect on Facebook, TwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.