Karachi Biryani in Riyadh – All about KSA

The other day we were craving Biryani and you all know how obsessed we Pakistanis are with Biryani 😊. Since we haven’t tried biryani in any restaurant in Riyadh since our stay, we asked google which is the best biryani in Riyadh and it led us to Karachi biryani! Well I have to say Google was on point!

We ordered a double chicken biryani which was enough for two people. The price was 23 SAR.

It was a very flavorful biryani with the right amount of spices. The chicken was juicy, tender and well cooked. Although I personally don’t prefer potatoes in my biryani, this chef knew how to make potatoes in biryani shine.

This chicken biryani was cooked in ghee which makes it a bit heavy on the stomach but the taste is worth it.

Although Karachi Biryani is a small restaurant in the Hara area, it has a clean, cozy atmosphere. We ordered take away as we wanted to enjoy our meal at home but there is a nice space to sit for families to enjoy your meal.

As the name suggests, Karachi Biryani’s menu is very limited. The Chicken Biryani is available every day but Beef Biryani is available on Friday, Monday and Wednesday while Mutton Biryani is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

They also have Haleem and Mutton Pulao a few days during the week. Check the details in the images below!