Woman shares iPhone’s iOS 16 hack to fix wardrobe issue in viral TikTok

If you’ve ever stood at your wardrobe looking aimlessly at the clothes inside, you’re not alone.

Not remembering what you have in your closet, or knowing what items will look good together, is a problem many of us face – often on a daily basis.

But now Apple has given iPhone users a solution in the new iOS 16 update that social media users have labelled “genius”.

The new feature allows users to copy the subject of a photo and paste it into the notes app – and fashion lovers are raving about it as it enables them to easily keep track of what’s in the wardrobe.

Many have pointed out the feature is giving “Clueless vibes”, which for those who don’t understand the reference, is referring to a scene in the iconic ’90s movie where the main character chooses her outfit via her digital wardrobe.

Nothing has ever come close to it in real life until now, and on TikTok, iPhone users are very excited.

“Let’s talk about this new feature,” @macaulay_flower said in a recent video showing people how to use it.

“It allows you to select and copy the subject of a photo and honestly, this is great for me because I take a picture of pretty much every outfit I wear.

“So I’m just gonna start copying and pasting all my different photos into my notes app to create a wardrobe archive and easily reference them in future.”

In the clip, Macaulay shows how easy it is to scroll through the outfits, describing it as “easily my new favourite feature”.

Another TikTok user, @natgawd, took things one step further – categorising her outfits into different occasions and styles.

In her video, which has been viewed over 400,000 times, she said she organised her outfit ideas “like a Polly Pocket” – calling it “the coolest thing ever”.

She’s then divided her looks into sections including “date night”, “dinner” and “being comfy”.

People frothed over the clever feature, leaving hundreds of comments on the two videos.

“Have been waiting for this moment since Clueless. The future is now,” one said.

“‘The list’ in girls notes will never be the same,” another teased.

“This is incredible,” one person declared.

Many more described the feature as “genius” and “revolutionary” as others promised to try it out soon.

“This makes me want an iPhone,” one woman wrote.

“You just changed my life,” another said.

Apple announced a stream of other features with the new update including some significant changes to iMessages, emails and the lock screen.

Users who install the update will now be able to unsend and edit text messages. But it comes with some important caveats.

Unsending a message will need to be done within two minutes of hitting send, while editing will be possible for 15 minutes.

Originally published as Genius iPhone hack that will ‘change your life’