Surprising offer at Queensland brothel

Redditors are admiring the handiwork of a brothel in Queensland, after they shared a creative ad for their business.

Last month, Harlot’s brothel in Mackay posted an ad to their Facebook page for a lunchtime meal deal — yes, I said what I said.

“Pie and Coke Deal,” reads the ad. “Enjoy a feed and a 15-minute quickie all for $150.”

“Queensland is quite a place,” wrote the Redditor who originally made the post.

Many others praised the clever thinking displayed by the brothel.

“Why can’t Coles, Woolworths and Aldi think of original promotions like this?” replied one Reddit user.

Another commenter was impressed by the entrepreneurial skills of the business.

“Up selling. Very entrepreneurial. Is this going to be a brothel marketing war?,” they asked.

“What are the others offering? If I visit Mackay am I going to have to decide between the Chiko roll and the pie with my sex worker?”

“Still cheaper than a pie at the cricket,” wrote another.

“Do you have to pay for sauce?,” asked another, to which someone else replied: “I think it’s BYO”.

“$150 per 15 minutes? But it will take me 10 minutes to eat the pie,” worried another.

One local reminisced about their time working across the street from the advertising brothel: “I worked across the road from this place years ago and everyday they made the same joke about an old fitter who would disappear at lunch. He went over the road to get a Pie, coke and a poke.”

Originally published as Surprising offer at Aussie brothel