Celebrity publicist Max Markson recalls diva moment from Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista

Celebrity publicist Max Markson has revealed the worst experience he has had working with a star.

Markson, who founded the PR agency MarksonSparks, said iconic Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista ’”as definitely the worst” star he has dealt with, recalling a particular incident in 1996 where he believed she dressed inappropriately for a launch party for a treadmill endorsed by Ita Buttrose.

“I shouldn’t say this but Linda Evangelista was definitely the worst,” he said on a recent appearance on the Life, Money & Love podcast hosted by Dylan Mullan.

Markson said he advised Evangelista to wear “something to go on the treadmill and then change into something beautiful”, only to have her arrive at the event dressed in a hoodie, shorts and a T-shirt.

“The next day, my phone starts ringing at six o’clock, which always means there’s something wrong,” Markson continued.

“And Linda Evangelista wants to give me a right mouthful, which she does, because in The Sydney Morning Herald that day, it said: “Linda Evangelista was dressed like she was going out to clean the loo [toilet] on a Sunday morning.”’

“She went berserk at me! Not that I wrote the story, but because I hadn’t advised her what to wear. And there was no point in trying to tell her that I did.”

Recently, Evangelista graced the front cover of British Vogue magazine after revealing she was left “brutally disfigured” by a botched beauty treatment.

The Canadian supermodel model has been in “hiding” for the past six years after claiming she was left “permanently deformed” by a rare reaction to a popular cosmetic treatment.

Evangelista filed a US$50 million ($68 million) damages lawsuit against Zeltiq Aesthetics, the company behind CoolSculpting – a fat-freezing procedure performed globally, including here in Australia – in September, alleging she developed paradoxical adipose hyperplasia or PAH, a risk she says she wasn’t made aware of before having the procedure.

But after keeping a low profile since having the procedure in 2016, the 57-year-old has just landed the September cover of the prestigious British fashion mag.

Evangelista made an effort to stress her face, jaw and neck had been taped back.

“That’s not my jaw and neck in real life – and I can’t walk around with tape and elastics everywhere,” she said in the accompanying interview.

“You know what, I’m trying to love myself as I am, but look, for photos I always think we’re here to create fantasies.

“We’re creating dreams. I think it’s allowed. Also, all my insecurities are taken care of in these pictures, so I got to do what I love to do.”

Evangelista also said the high-profile gig, which comes just weeks after she posed for a new advertising campaign for Italian fashion house Fendi, was not “a comeback”.

“Am I cured mentally? Absolutely not. But I’m so grateful for the support I got from my friends and from my industry…,” she told Vogue.

“You’re not going to see me in a swimsuit, that’s for sure. It’s going to be difficult to find jobs with things protruding from me; without retouching, or squeezing into things, or taping things or compressing or tricking.”

Originally published as Celebrity publicist Max Markson recalls diva moment from Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista