How 65+ member Terrence Naidoo is cashing in with Vitality

Terrence Naidoo, 71, says his Vitality-linked Apple watch like a personal fitness instructor on his wrist, and it has transformed his health and wellness.

“My Apple watch motivates me to keep myself active, breathe at a certain time…  It tells you to stand for a minute if you are sitting too long. The health benefits are 100% beneficial. I am a chronic diabetic, with hypertension and high cholesterol, but I am managing it all well through the programme.”

Mr Naidoo jogs most days, whether it is near his home in Big Bay, Cape Town or visiting his children in Wellington, New Zealand. He is an avid parkrunner and has completed 78 5km parkruns.

The former businessman who owned a large fruit retailer, says he approaches his Vitality membership just as he would a business.

“I’m a businessman at heart so I make sure I activate the benefits and stay active. It’s not a lot of work, since I am retired, and my time is invested in myself now. Weather permitting, I jog or walk at the beach every day. I use my Apple watch to make sure my heartrate is over 120 so I get maximum points, and I am done in about 30 minutes,” he says.

Getting the most out of life, and Vitality

Mr Naidoo says he maximises his benefits by maintaining his Diamond Vitality status through his fitness routine, and then unlocks the rewards.

“I use the Vitality Travel benefit to visit my children in New Zealand. It is a lovely flight on Qantas Airlines which I get 35% off. And the local flights we use two or three times a year.”

Mr Naidoo adds that he uses his HealthyLiving benefits to the maximum. “I buy my HealthyFood at my local Pick n Pay which I walk to, for my step counts. Then, we used the HealthyCare to get 75% off a blood pressure monitor, and blood sugar testing machine which I need as a diabetic.”

But that isn’t all, says Mr Naidoo. “I have several pairs of running shoes with Vitality Active Gear, which I got 75% off at Sportsmans Warehouse – oh and my Apple watches. I paid for two since 2016, by achieving my Vitality Active Rewards Goals. In fact, I am due to upgrade to the new watch later too,” he adds.

Finally, he says, he is a huge fan of Discovery Bank’s Discovery Miles D-Day which maximises his Discovery Miles with discounts of up to 40% at partner stores. “So, at the moment, Vitality is paying me to exercise and giving me discounts when I spend on my spoils!”  

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