Assassin’s Creed set in Japan, Netflix partners with Ubisoft

Streaming giant Netflix partnered with Ubisoft to strengthen the gaming arm of the company and create three mobile games set in the beloved Assassin’s Creed franchise.

The announcement was made at the French video game giant’s annual digital event, Ubisoft Forward, this weekend.

Ubisoft x Netflix mobile games

The new games will explore the Valiant Hearts, Mighty Quest and Assassin’s Creed universes and will be available exclusively on mobile to Netflix members only.

Watch: Netflix partners with Ubisoft

All three mobile games will be released in 2023 and will provide Netflix members with “exclusive access to some of the most exciting game franchises”, said Netflix’s VP of games, Mike Verdu.

“I believe that this partnership will be a great opportunity for Netflix members to further explore our worlds and universes on mobile.”

Assassin’s Creed: Codename Red

Meanwhile, Ubisoft also confirmed the next mainline Assassin’s Creed game – marketed as Codename Red – will be set in feudal Japan.

It’s been a long time in the making.

After years of speculation, unsubstantiated rumours, supposed leaks and fans clinging on to their last shred of hope, Ubisoft very briefly teased the instalment on Saturday.

Watch: Assassin’s Creed goes to Japan

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 Ubisoft Vice President and Executive Producer, Marc-Alexis Cote, said Codename Red was developed by the same team who brought us Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

“It will let players explore one of their most awaited settings, feudal Japan, and they’ll live a very powerful shinobi fantasy.”

Will it live up to the likes of Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima? Only time will tell.

Halo on Showmax

The recent Netflix announcement follows after Showmax said a “compelling, gorgeous sci-fi adventure” – Halo – would be available to stream this year after Paramount+ renewed the show for a second season.

One of Rotten Tomatoes’ Most Anticipated Shows of 2022, Halo is set in a separate timeline to the games, but it will “make gamers very happy”, according to The Daily Beast.

Watch: Halo ‘broke new ground’

Entertainment critic Nick Schager said Halo delivers “a sprawling new story of intergalactic intrigue, warfare and prophecy”.

“[With] top-notch CGI and a lead performance from Schreiber, […] Halo appears to have the firepower to become its own uniquely formidable sci-fi titan.”

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