Teen mum found out she was pregnant during birth in school uniform

A teen mum has revealed how she had no idea she was pregnant, until she gave birth on her living room floor a day after going back to school.

As reported by The Sun, the girl, who was 19 years old when she uploaded her video, explained she had no symptoms of being pregnant and continued to have regular periods, but got the shock of her life when her mum saw her baby’s head from under her uniform skirt.

The mum, known as Alexis on TikTok, shared her story online in a video that has racked up over 2.3 million views and explained that she experienced a cryptic pregnancy when she was 15 years old.

A cryptic pregnancy is when medical testing methods fail to detect a pregnancy and usual symptoms like vomiting, periods and showing a bump do not occur.

Alexis explained in her video that she grew suspicious after her mum revealed how she’d experienced heartburn when pregnant with her.

Having heartburn herself, she decided to take a pregnancy test but it came back negative – only for Alexis to later realise she was actually expecting.

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“My mum mentioning to me she had heartburn when pregnant with me, me realising I’ve had a bit of heartburn lately and taking a pregnancy test during the summer holidays,” she said in the clip.

“The test being negative and me still having regular periods and no more symptoms, goes back to school for my first day of [year] 11 on September 5.

“Having a perfectly OK day back at school. Getting ready for bed having a bit of back pain so taking painkillers and thinking nothing of it.”

Alexis revealed that she was up all night with back pain and hours later found herself about to give birth.

“Not sleeping all night due to the constant back pain, waking my mum and dad up at 6am telling them and they think I’m just trying to get a day off so into my uniform I get,” she said.

“Going to the toilet before I set off to school and having the urge to push, me screaming [for] my mum and telling her I think I’m giving birth.”

Her pregnancy suspicions were then confirmed when Alexis’ mum looked under the skirt of her uniform to see the baby’s head was showing.

“My mum … going into shock when she sees a head, my dad running out the door for pregnancy tests,” she said.

In another video, Alexis explained that she gave birth on the living room floor, while explaining how she reached full term without experiencing any typical symptoms of pregnancy.

“Ended up giving birth to my baby on the living room floor with no knowledge I was [pregnant],” Alexis said.

“Had regular periods and no symptoms, bump or signs of pregnancy at all plus a negative test. Found I went through a cryptic pregnancy, anterior placement of my placenta hid baby kicks/movements.”

Thousands who came across her post were left baffled by her story.

“Find cryptic pregnancies amazing yet scary,” one person commented.

“Like I’ve had two kids, and find it amazing that some people really don’t know.”

“This sounds traumatic,” another said, while a third wrote: “This is my biggest fear.”

A fourth revealed a similar thing had happened to her sister, commenting: “This happened to my sister after just turning 16, about to start her GCSEs. She was estimated to be 32 weeks. Had her 12 hours after finding out.”

“Please don’t tell me you were also on contraception,” another person wrote.

“I can’t take no more fear.”

Many more were left amused by the dad running out to buy a pregnancy test.

“I’m laughing [at] your dad bringing pregnancy tests when the baby’s head was already out,” one viewer wrote.

Another joked: “I don’t think the pregnancy tests are necessary.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

Originally published as Teen mum found out she was pregnant as she gave birth in school uniform