Simone Holtznagel defends before-and-after weight loss pictures

Model Simone Holtznagel has defended posting before-and-after photos appearing to highlight her “drastic” weight loss.

Holtznagel and her personal trainer boyfriend Jono Castano shared a joint Instagram post that showed her looking skinnier after “hard work” at the gym.

“They’re always quick to judge you but no result comes from an easy journey,” Castano wrote.

“You still eat your burgers from time to time and focus on highlighting that we can still enjoy a martini or two or 5. So proud of you babe!”

Some commenters said the photos promoted an “unhealthy” lifestyle.

But Holtznagel hit back, telling the Daily Telegraph the difference between the two photos was “hardly drastic”, and was the result of regularly working out after putting on weight during the pandemic.

“Since lockdown ended and I went back to my normal, fast paced busy life, I got back into my fitness routine,” she said.

“People have commented saying it’s ‘triggering’, and ‘before-and-after’ (pictures) don’t belong in 2022 … I thought what we weren’t doing in 2022 was commenting on other peoples bodies.

“I thought I looked great on the left, I think I look great on the right. One thing I’ll take away from that post is you can’t please everyone. I have been bigger and I’ve been smaller but I was happy in both stages of my life.”

She added that she eats pasta four times a week and occasionally enjoys a drink.

Following the criticism, Holtnagel posted videos online showing her picking up McDonald’s with Castano, of her boyfriend grazing over a cheeseboard and sipping on a cocktail.

She encouraged anyone who was upset by the post not to follow her.

Originally published as Simone Holtznagel defends before-and-after weight loss pictures